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About Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio
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INSPIRED INTIMACY Talk Radio is an AWARD-WINNING show where you can hear Naked Discussions about Love, Life & Intimacy… #NoSocks! It is a creation of the world-renowned Author, Speaker and Personal Insights Specialist, Laneen A. Haniah, who is known as "Dr. Intimacy". Dr. Intimacy offers both practical and Biblical wisdom on spiritual, personal and inter-relational intimacy, from a uniquely profound and transforming perspective. Because she pulls back the sheets on much needed topics that are often NOT discussed straightforwardly, Dr. Intimacy was recently dubbed “the Howard Stern of Christian Radio”

With the help of Co-Producer J. Revival, you can expect to hear raw conversations and insightful revelations of uncensored and life-changing truth, each week on Inspired Intimacy. The Dr. and her guests will converse without titles and fig leaves, having a heart-to-heart and intimate interaction. Every guest who steps into the studio will be challenged to reveal the organic and vulnerable clay that is humanity, because it is in this transparency that we become living witnesses of what Love, Life & Intimacy are really all about. “Naked Discussion” means undressing all that covers your soul, even down to the socks -- that’s why we say #NoSocks

You can listen to Inspired Intimacy every Wednesday night from 9pm-11pm cst. We air live online through FBRN, on the Blue Stream, from a high-quality broadcasting studio. To join us click the 'Listen Now' button on this website, where you will be able to listen directly from your computer, enjoy on your mobile device through tunein, or catch the streaming video through Facebook Live, on our fan page. You can also listen to a missed broadcast on Soundcloud

Be sure to check us out, and if you’d like to be a featured guest, share your music or have a show idea, please use the contact form on our 'Request' page. Also, if you believe in the mission of Inspired Intimacy please become a contributor and/or purchase some of our products.
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Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio
Naked Discussions about Love, Life & Intimacy... #NoSocks!